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    Floral Design Contract Examples

    Pebbles Lacross Mentor
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      Hi Everyone,


      Does anyone have their floral program do flower orders for the public for sweet 16's or weddings? I am looking for an example of a contract you may use for this purpose?


      Thanks in advance!

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          Sheridan Clinkscales Hero

          We do not sell flowers.  We sell finished arrangements.  We do not sell items as you can buy them from the wholesaler ever. I feel like people would just be using us to get a break on tax/price which isn't right.  We do sell finished arrangements: corsages/boutonnieres, bouquets, vase arrangements, etc.  We do not do a contract.  We either plan a design and make a flyer with a sale price or we meet with the client for custom orders, give them a quote, and then invoice them right before we do the designs.

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            Hi Sheridan! I had a request for a sweet 16 (which is what i meant by flower order - I should have been more clear); 5 boutonnieres, 5 corsages very detailed ones and one bouquet totaling at the purchasers price of 140$. I don't sell items as you can buy them from the wholesale either not with out a mark up etc. I dropped the items off and never received payment, that is why I was looking for a contract because I sent the invoice and never got paid - and now in 2018 still havent.