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    Grow Each Day "Discussion"

    Katie Wood Top CoP

      Notice the quotes around "discussion."


      This week, we will be participating in the Mindset Test here: Mindset | Test Your Mindset


      1. What were your results?


      2. Do you feel the results were accurate?


      This quiz is purely to take inventory if you have a fixed or growth mindset. There are no wrong answers. It's also very short!

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          Samantha Srp Neighbor

          My results said I have a mostly fixed mindset.  I think in relation to the only 2 factors considered in the quiz (intelligence and talent) and my beliefs about them, it is accurate.  However, I do not feel this quiz is a good indicator of one's ability or belief about growth.  The quiz was 16 questions: 8 about intelligence and 8 about talent.  It could have been only 4 questions and had the same results.  The questions for each topic were basically reworded to create more questions.


          I definitely think anyone is capable of learning to do things a different way or new consents and tasks, but I feel that both talent and intelligence are inherent attributes you are born with.  It is just up to the individual if they want to utilize them to the fullest extent or let it lie dormant.

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            Jessica Bester Neighbor

            My results said that I had agreed with 0 Fixed Mindset questions and 8 Growth Mindset questions, which puts me at more of a growth mindset.  I feel that this is pretty accurate because I am always looking for new ways to improve my teacher and personal abilities.  For example this summer alone I will be participating in 4 different workshops with topics ranging from technology to agriculture.  Throughout the school year I will attend at least 2 more workshops and with my National FFA Teacher Ambassador title, give 2 more workshops, as well.  I believe that I have learned just as much giving workshops as attending and I am currently completing my Master's program, which is based on Learning Design and Technology. 


            Although I think the questions that were on the quiz seemed to "repeat" themselves and didn't cover all parts of what makes a growth mindset vs fixed mindset result, it was a good quick quiz to get the conversation started.

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              Becky DeShazo Neighbor

              Well it looks like I'm in the growth mode.  I'm not sure how accurate this little test is because of the repetitive verbiage.  A little variety in the wording of the questions might have been beneficial.  But yes, I think I am probably in the "growth mindset".

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                Jerry Janisch Neighbor

                Well I took the inventory and it states that I have 2 Fixed Mindset questions and a Growth Mindset.  I agree with Becky, the questions seems the same as I took the inventory.  I guess I might have to purchase the book to see where to go from here.  I believe you grow intelligent and talent as I pick up new skills and learn each day.  (Some days my students might tell you that I went backwards in some the areas) 

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                  Robin McLean Top CoP

                  Like Jessica, I was 0 fixed and 8 growth. I don't really know that I'm that "growy" but the question verbiage led to that. 

                  Also, I thought of this book study today when I saw this sign on the Oxford campus. 

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                    Tiffany Hoy Mentor

                    Well I am 0 fixed mindset and 7 growth mindset, so I'm a Growth Mindset.  This is no surprise.  Someone once told me I was pretty and was not every smart and really had issues learning, so I should be able to find a rich guy and marry him.  Yes it was an elementary teacher.  Well, I guess I should thank this teacher and I have.  I graduated in the top 25% of my high school class, earned my Bachelors and Masters Degrees at prestige Universities and married a wonderful man and a have three wonderful, talented and intelligent children who can think logically too. 


                    Talents - yes some come more natural than others, but if I have an interest and I'm willing to work at them I can make them strong.  Just as any individual can, but you have to have a desire and interest.  Intelligence - not sure we are born with it, but we have to accept people learn and see the world differently.  See I see the world in pictures and movies; two of my children see it in numbers.  They are great a math, music and dance.  Math and Music are a struggle, but dance I can do and develop because I change counts into a motion movie in my head.  Math - I need to change academic problems into a real-world application and they come to life for me.  My third child and I can write.  No my posts may not reflect my writing ability, but when I want to write short essays, stories, etc - I can draw people in - once again its a movie in my head, and the words just bring it to life on papers. 


                    Accept which every mindset you are, but know how to work with others who's minds may not be the same.  We need all types in the World to keep moving forward.

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                      Miranda Locuratolo Neighbor

                      This what my school focused on last school year.  I scored a mostly growth mindset.  I absolutely think this is accurate.  A few years ago, I have very much a fixed mindset.  I would look at the competencies and just have the students go through the work without challenging themselves.  It was during the year I struggled professionally that I realized something needed to change.  When I changed my viewpoint on my expectations of my students I gave them more things to not only challenge them but also me we both grew in our educational environment.

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                        Sarah Knight Neighbor

                        1. What were your results?


                        I had 4 fixed mind sets and 2 growth mind sets


                        2. Do you feel the results were accurate? yes, I feel they were very accurate.  Having a learning disability learning is much harder for me.  I do think we all have a certain level of intelligence, it is whether or not we work to develop that intelligence.  I worked very hard to overcome my dyslexia to reach my level of education.  As far as talent, everyone has a certain level of talent, but what do we consider talent, artistic, musical, athletic.  It doesn't matter how hard I try, I will never have athletic talent, however I did become a proficient musician. 

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                          Lauren Van Allen Neighbor

                          I have a Mostly Growth Mindset, according to these results.  I do agree with these results because I have always been a strict believer that everyone has the ability to learn and grow.  I suppose this is a good mindset to have as a teacher because I am constantly working to encourage students and help them on their path to learning and personal growth.  This also holds true for myself.  I have had to work very hard to accomplish many of my goals and that is because I am working hard on personal growth and focus on learning and retention.  

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                            Emma Bartz Mentor

                            I got a 8 for Growth and 8 for Fixed so right in the middle. Which I guess is accurate. I also thought that the questions were just re-worded for the second half of the growth set and the fixed set. I do see my self as a very growth oriented person as I'm always trying to find new ways to do things and make them better. I also see that there are limits to what can be done, so I guess that falls into the talent area. I think we are all born with a certain amount of natural talent and then we have the choice of how we are going to nurture that talent which leads to growth. I also think that people can compensate for a lack of talent if they work hard and people can lose talent if they don't want to work at all. " Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn't work hard" - Tim Tebow

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                              Jim Russ Mentor

                              It was 0-Fixed 8-Growth.  I do believe this was a fairly accurate.  I did a book study last year on growth mindset.  It is really interesting when you listen to students and who they react to situations with the mindset that they have.  As a leader you have to work with students, and counterparts, and be able recognize mindsets so that you can help them achieve their goals.

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                                Emily Reed Neighbor

                                My results were: You agreed with 0 of Fixed Mindset statements and 8 of Growth Mindset Statements. You have mostly a Growth Mindset.


                                I think that these results are fairly accurate. I believe that anyone can do anything to add to their levels of intelligence or talent. If one wants to learn something new, they need to study that information to become more knowledgeable in it. I do believe that starting at a younger age may prove beneficial to some, but that shouldn't stop the adult generations!  As the saying goes, practice makes perfect! 

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                                  Ashley Mattke Mentor

                                  I had 0 Fixed and 7 Growth. I think this is pretty accurate since there is always room for improvement no matter the situation. I am a firm believer that students have the potential to grow in any situation.

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                                    Kendra Rieckhoff Neighbor

                                    My results showed that I had a more fixed mindset.

                                    With the way the questions were asked, I agree with my results. It all depends on what you consider the definition of intelligence and talent. As a teacher, I want my students to grow and I see that happen from year to year, and I push students out of their comfort zone so that they can learn what they are good at. However, with students and adults alike, the results are varying depending on the individual. We have to assess what "growth" looks like with each person. Everyone has their limits to an extent. That is why not everyone is great at the same thing! We have to recognize our weaknesses and our strengths (regardless of whether it is intelligence or talent) and do what we do best! Of course we need to work on our weaknesses to improve them over time.

                                    Therefore, I agree AND disagree with my results from this quiz.

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