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Revised CTE National Board Components

Discussion created by Darla Romberger on Jul 6, 2017
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Fellow National Board Hopefuls,


Over the past year, I completed the newly revised Component 1 (Content Knowledge Test and Writing Exam) and Component 2 (Reflection on Assessment) for CTE teachers. In the beginning, I was a bit nervous since Career & Tech Ed is a large entity with many content areas included. After reading and re-reading the National Board Standards developed for CTE teachers and working through the portfolio components, I quickly felt like this process was designed specifically for Ag Teachers--which was quite refreshing. For once, the total Ag Program was completely understood and taken into consideration when evaluating teacher performance in every area of our programs.  Even the multiple choice questions in Component 1 were well-written and touched upon everything that we do as an Ag Teacher. Long story short, I give it a thumbs up!


I will be working on Component 3 and 4 beginning this fall and submitting both in April 2018. Although my school district established a cohort to work through this certification, the cohort is all elementary teachers that don't understand CTE or Ag Ed. If anyone else is working on these components or components 1 & 2, I'd love to collaborate/proofread with a fellow Ag Ed teacher.