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Horse Judging

Discussion created by tessa gamble on Sep 3, 2008
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So I have been using the Communities of Practice a lot and thought that I could contribute something. 


I am a big horse judger my self and am always encouraging my students to try it.  I try and have a team or two each year.  However I have found that resources can be very expensive and hard to find.  I have some of the CEV DVD's and they are very good.  On the internet there are a few good places to go, but not a lot of ready to go classes to use.  So I started to create very simple classes on power point with photographs.  They are very simple, but work well. 


I tried to create the class so that they can be easily placed and you can see big things on the horses.


So I thought that I would share these resources that I have created with anyone that was interested. 


If you have questions on any of the classes or want more help, I would be happy to help!