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Inquiry Based Learning

Discussion created by Whitney Rupprecht on Mar 9, 2017

This past January, I participated in the Minnesota AgriScience Inquiry Institute and it was awesome!

Obviously, you always have to modify things for your classroom and your students.

I wanted to start with 1 and see how it went. It is going great! Students are going WAY above and beyond my expectations and diving into their education. They are taking ownership in their educations - LOVE IT!!! My entire class is set up for inquiry based learning. I guide my students in the right direction. What I have found is that they are more engaged, take ownership, and learn more in depth! An added bonus is that it is actually less work for me because I am not "lecturing" the entire class period.


The first few weeks of class are set up to go over the scientific method and the classroom structure.


I attached some examples of how I now have my class set up.


Monday - Give problem question. Present background information with vocab activity (this have been HUGE for testing).

Tuesday - Allow time for research and to write out procedure.

Wednesday - Guest presentation, recording, hands-on activity, video, etc.

Thursday - Complete experiment

Friday - Write report and turn in data


**To showcase what my classes have been doing, I now have sections in my hallway for each class. I have up cool pictures, graphs, reports, etc. to show students AND my admin what we are working on. Plus, students take it to the next level to see their projects in the hallway.