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Horticulture Final Project

Discussion created by Natalie (Kincy) Ferand on Dec 4, 2016
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Hi there! The end of the semester is rapidly approaching and this week my students will be in and out with state re-testing. We will also have several early release days in the next two weeks. I was looking for a choice board project for my Livestock Production class and came across a post where several people shared the final projects. I decided to do a choice board and combined their ideas in to  a choice sheet of my own. I then decided to take the same sheet and make minor changes to cover my horticulture class. Feel free to take this and edit it for any of your classes! Good luck! Most of us only have about 10 days until we are out for break. You can make it!



**Edit 3/6/17** I have attached the rubric I used. I know it says "livestock," but I used the exact same rubric for the project in both classes.