Kathryn Simunich

Canine Spay Simulation Lab?

Discussion created by Kathryn Simunich on Oct 31, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2020 by Debbie W. Muse

I am teaching Vet Sci...we are on our Hospital Procedures unit and will be doing a simulated castration of pigs. This is where we use balloons, cherry tomatoes, string, etc to simulate the parts then the students use scalpels to 'castrate' their pig. I am looking for a similar lab to do with the students for canine spay. Nothing too difficult...but there are only so many videos and pictures I can reference. I have seen a lab explanation to make the organs out of play dough and put it into a brown paper bag, then the students will simulate the 'spay' by explaining it to the teacher-but there are no pictures or other documents to go with this...Any and all help is appreciated!! Thank you!