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Vet Science labs

Question asked by Cole Andes on Oct 13, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2017 by Craig A. Kohn

Houdy folks,


I am planning for my vet science unit/6 weeks in the spring. I have a great curriculum that our state ag ed dept provided for us, it covers almost everything I could come up with that I used last year. However, I have a hard time with activities and labs.  I have planned to do knots and restraints, directional terminology and canine CPR using stuffed animals,  and stitches and injections using fruit... however I'm running out of ideas after that. Can anybody give me some ideas of labs/activities for muscle anatomy, bone anatomy, and lab tests(urinalysis, fecal flotation, etc) and anything else that might be useful/fun for the kids? I dread the unit because I don't feel like the kids enjoy it because of the lack of hands on