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The FFA Creed

Discussion created by Vay Jensen on Oct 5, 2016
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The other day we had a PD at the school, and a group called Kagan came and presented. Many ideas were given to increase learning through group work. One in particular I like was called Rally Coach. Students are paired up in groups of 2. Each group has one paper and one pencil between the two of them. They will then take turns answering question on the worksheet. One pencil is used, so the students don't just work on their questions and ignore the others. While one student in working to answer the question, the other can be there to "coach" their partner. I tried this with the Creed. The results are still out, as I just tried it this morning, but it gives another method for teaching the Creed. The document I attached has 10 blanks for the first paragraph. The student take turns filling in the blanks the bottom of the page: the student on the left can do the odds, while the student on the right can do the evens. As the students have become better, I increase the number of blanks.