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Large Landscape Design Class

Discussion created by Rachael Stecklein on Aug 28, 2016
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I am looking for some advice on handling a very large landscape design course. I have nearly 20 students and am at a new school this year. In the future I would like to cap this course but this year that was just not possible. I am looking for advice on managing this course to maintain the hands-on aspects. Our school has 2 greenhouses and a relatively large school campus that has just had a large amount of new landscaping done to it...bummer I know.


I would like to try poinsettias or mums this fall but am worried about keeping all students involved at the same time as well.


Does anyone have specific "job" groups that they use in their classes. I'm trying to think about how I can divide them to be able to give more students the opportunity to get their hands "dirty".


Any advice will be appreciated!! Thanks in advance