Lindsey Davie

AET 4 Day Assignment

Discussion created by Lindsey Davie on Jul 20, 2016

I need to adjust the first page to reflect using practice accounts instead of creating a real one.  But this is a pretty comprehensive assignment walking students through the different areas of record keeping.  Breaking it into days kept kids from getting stuck for 4 days at the beginning.  They start the new assignment each day but I do give them an extra day to work on any days they didn't get complete.  I'll attach the rubric and the keys in another discussion.  Having them learn as they enter records worked better for me than demonstrating myself.  Hope it works for some other people!  I found the assignment on here but modified it to be shorter and change screenshots as some things in AET had changed.  I make tweaks every time I use it so it's not perfect but helpful.  Make sure you change Log-In to have your chapter number.  I have a lot of new members on mine:)