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Chapter 1 and 2 Discussion Questions

Question asked by Katie Wood on Jun 7, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2016 by Jenny Russell

Hi NAAE Readers!


We are loving your videos so far. Thirty seconds definitely is a lot harder give a snapshot of yourself than 60 seconds, isn't it? Has it ever felt that way in your classroom, where you may only have a day to teach a concept or a week to teach a unit, when really you should/want to spend a week on that lesson and a month on a unit? Sometimes it can feel that way in our book clubs as well. With the short time frame, it can be difficult to cover all concepts mentioned in the book. Or, we may only get to touch on a topic when we would really like to spend an entire activity on it. Hopefully these weekly discussions will bridge those gaps. The discussions are a place to voice your thoughts, ask questions and share ideas that may not have been covered in the week's activity.


The majority of the time, we will used one or two questions from the Questions for Discussion at the end of the chapter. Feel free to discuss one or both. Although there is no requirement to reply to other's responses, we encourage you to check back often, as you never know what thought could spark something innovative! Without further adieu, this week's questions:


What do you qualify as innovation? How would you describe it?


How can you create opportunities for innovation in your leadership? In your teaching? In your learning?


What are some examples of innovation that you have seen within constraints, both inside or outside of schools?