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What Ag Facilities do you have?

Discussion created by Nathan King on Jun 1, 2016
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Spurred by Adam Savage's twitter account @donttrythis and the hashtag #tinyshop. I thought there should be a discussion with pictures of Ag classrooms from all over.

More questions are being asked about remodel. Here I have attached more documents.


Animals Lab - I began thinking that part of the space would be used for a large fish tank. The space was better utilized with a large animal pen about 6' by 8' Great for keeping small animals. I would like another degree of separation between the animal lab and foods lab. The doors to the animal and foods lab are normally closed. I hold my foods class first hour before anyone has access to the animals. Just an extra set of security. A table in the middle of the room is on my to get list to hold some more vet tech activities in the animal lab.


Greenhouse - Plumbing is key. Specifically ask for a separate source of water for the cooling system. I use a hose splitter in the summer months to supply the cooling pad with water. Also, ask for additional water sources for automatic water systems. A few empty conduit pipes between the greenhouse and shop space were requested but got cut somewhere along the lines. The conduit was going to allow new automation systems to be controlled from a headhouse space. Just enough space for a few network cables.


Foods Lab - One of the most used lab spaces I have. I would like an additional steel rolling table in that space and a drying rack that sits on the counter. The white board is a must in this space. Everything in the lab is NSF certified. I used documentation from the state to make sure the space is up to a commercial service standard. I am still in need of automatic closing doors and an automatic sanitizing system. The 3 compartment sink in the corner is a bit of a hassle. If I could have it along a wall so that I have 1 student per sink it would work out better. It's hard to have even 2 students at a time work on cleaning the dishes. Overhead power would be nice to have in the foods lab too so that meat grinders can be setup on the tables in the middle of the room so more students can see the process and get involved. Walk in cooler is great for keeping extra fruit left over from fruit sale.


Ag Shop - Overhead power has been the most advantageous of everything in the shop. The shop can be quickly converted for many uses. During a pancake breakfast I can set out tables for multiple cooking stations. Or tuck the tractor in a corner to use the space as an overflow activity space. The 2 ton hoist allows for students to safely service a multitude of machines as well as process a deer. The lift is centered to the double doors of the foods lab so that a gambrel can be attached for processing large game. Given that I have complete control of the space I can ensure that the space is clean for food to be processed. The steel tables from the foods lab can roll out next to the deer for a food safe work surface.


Classroom - The all purpose room. Can be an extension of any of my spaces. Drains in the floors are good. But don't really need the two that I requested. Just one by the chemical shower is good enough. Should have put some networking wires in by the front of the room and extra data ports. The drains in the floor cause some table issues because the desks in my room don't have adjustable legs. My classroom is extremely wide. using the smart board helps students see. The whiteboards on the sides of the room are good for quick notes but not ideal for all students. A refrigerator is great to have to keep smaller consumable items that shouldn't normally live in a production walk in cooler. The oven is used for making cheese and is a backup for jerky making. (I'm really into my foods class right now.) The oven is also used for making brownies and cookies with replacement sugars.


Overall - Double doors everywhere. It makes moving things easy. Pallets for fruit sale can be placed in just about every space. I have an office with a desk area for my FFA officers so that they can stay organized to run the FFA chapter. Put the air compressor in a storage room to prevent the noise from disrupting classes. A large chest freezer is also in the storage room. Having the freezer in the storage room allows for it to be locked away. A big discussion item for the planning was storage. Being in the space for 2 years I have already run out of space for things and need to start investing in some overhead pallet shelving. The space and the money did not allow for an upstairs storage space.


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