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Greetings TeachAg Rockstars,


The Iowa State University Ag 450 Farm (@ISUAg450Farm) is excited to partner with the Penn State Agricultural Extension and Education cohort (@TeachAgPSU) in hosting a #TeachAgChat. Please join us as we discuss the application of experiential learning on Thursday, April 7th at 8:00 pm EST.


The questions for the chat include:

Q1. How do you interpret experiential learning within your discipline?

Q2. How do you facilitate reflective observation in your EL activities?

Q3. What are some specific EL activities you have used in your program?

Q4. What resources would help you make your EL activities more successful?

Q5. Is there any role within the ERP you find particularly challenging? Explain.

Q6. What role within the ERP do you feel most efficacious in and why?

Q7. How will you use the information shared in tonight’s #TeachAgChat?


**EL = Experiential Learning** **ERP = Educator Role Profile**


Our Experts for this chat:

  1. Marshall Baker- @bakermaOSU
  2. Michael Retallick- @msretallick


Infographic and Useful References:

Link to the infographic: https://goo.gl/IAVuKh

Please distribute the infographic (attached) on your social media platforms.

Link to experiential learning models: https://goo.gl/cmvlMM


Suggested Readings:

Kolb, A. Y., Kolb, D. A., Passarelli, A., & Sharma, G. (2014). On becoming an experiential educator: The educator role profile. Simulation and Gaming 45(2), 204-234.

doi: 10.1177/1046878114534383 (https://goo.gl/ztXSpj)


Baker, M. A., Robinson, J. S., & Kolb, D. A. (2012). Aligning Kolb's experiential learning theory with a comprehensive agricultural education model. Journal of Agricultural Education 53(4), 1-16. doi: 10.5032/jae.2012.04001 (https://goo.gl/t6j5Al)


We encourage you to explore the two suggested readings beforehand. Several of the models (attached) may serve as helpful reminders or conversation stimulators.


We look forward to the discussion on April 7th at 8 pm EST.