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Wildlife Management Final Project

Discussion created by Carlie Bossard on Mar 14, 2016
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I was wondering if anyone has ever done a large final project in a wildlife management type of class. I want to have it more in depth than just a research paper. I was thinking having more displays and tracks, sounds, scat etc. Something that would have a lot of effort put into it.


Also, does anyone have suggestions for animals that could be on the list of projects? I'm looking for ones that have some sort of wildlife management to them (either increasing or decreasing their numbers), and I'm going to try and do a habitat project that is related to the animal they selected. Ones that maybe cause damage to property/crops would add another aspect as well as if they are hunted/trapped.


I live in NY, so I'm looking for animals that would live in the NE part of the US, but will take any suggestions, it is a larger class of 19 students.


What I have thought of so far are the following:

wild turkey

ring neck pheasant

white tailed deer



bald eagle


common loon


duck species

trout species

lake sturgeon