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Plasma Sotware

Discussion created by Casey Jones on Feb 25, 2016
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This past year our school was awarded a $25,000 Monsanto grant to purchase equipment to integrate technology into our curriculum so we purchased a Plasma Cam. Now, it's not the Plasma Cam brand, it's a Torchmate. I have had a Plasma Cam before and the software was easy to use, but I did not think much of the quality of the product cause it was always breaking down on us. So, we went a Torchmate that came highly recommended from other teachers in our area. I love using the machine and it works awesome, but the Torchmate software is very difficult to fully utilize. Can anyone recommend any software that I can download, that is user friendly and that I can fully utilize? I love creating my own designs and cutting my own parts and needed materials, but the Torchmate software is not user friendly enough, at least or me, to be able to do that. Any ideas or information will be helpful.




Casey Jones