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Happy FFA Week - Ag Assessment

Discussion created by Jason Larison on Feb 22, 2016

For a FFA Week activity, we had every 6th through 12th grader in our district take our 2016 Agriculture Assessment.  The main goal is to expose students the the variety and diversity in the agriculture industry and through a few minutes of taking the quiz hopefully see that Agriculture is more than just cows and plows.  In our school, we will give every student that "MEATS" Standards a meat stick compliments of the chapter.


Now it is the turn for our community (and beyond) to challenge themselves and see how they do.  We will post a list of everyone that meets standards and above on our chapter facebook page on March 1st.  (Sorry, we are not shipping meat sticks all over the country.)


My students have asked me to pass it along and to challenge Ag Teachers and FFA members from across the nation to take the assessment and see how you do. Feel free to share it, tweet the link, and pass it along. Thanks for considering!


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Happy FFA Week!