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Ideas for School Garden with Limited Summer Maintenance?

Question asked by Robin McLean on Feb 18, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 29, 2016 by Paul Heasley

We have a courtyard in our middle school that you can look out on from the agriculture classroom.  My principal would like to see that area turned into a school garden, not necessarily for food production but to be able to use as an extension of the plant science unit and make better use of the courtyard (translation grassy square in the center portion of the building with access only from one of two hallways).  The challenge: Although we have a high school agriculture program that has summer workers, they have plenty of projects to work on that they don't need to have the added task of coming to the middle school to look after those plants from June 17 through September 1.

1) What plants have you had success with that are low summer maintenance that might be usable in September? (I was thinking maybe pumpkins)


2) What might I be able to grow with a short growing season that gets done more or less before June 17 and another option that might be able to grow quickly in late Fall (September to early November)?

Would love to hear ideas, successes, etc.