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Greenhand Leadership Workshop Ideas??

Question asked by Bryana Hamlin on Jan 14, 2016

This year I have a very promising group of Greenhands and want to really groom them from the start to help replace the excellent leaders I lost in last years seniors and this years seniors (my Juniors/sophomores are kind of lazy to be honest, worried about activeness in the next few years). I have asked the school counselor to partner with me in doing some leadership, motivational, character building, etc. workshops within the classroom. The ones the counselor has come up with were fairly basic, and I would like to relate them more to Ag/FFA and make them a little more unique/interesting to really draw these kids into the cause and help them grow. Anyone ever done a greenhands-only workshop such as this? Or done anything with other teachers, groups, etc to help elevate a particular group of kids in their leadership skills? Ive used a few of the standard ice-breakers and types of things we've seen at Area Leadership Conferences and Greenhand Motivational Conferences (ours was last week and they absolutely ATE IT UP they loved it so much) so I'm looking for anything that's unique or something you know really worked for your kids. Any ideas - let me have em! Thanks so much in advance!!