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Small Gas Engines "Final Tear-Down" Review Materials

Discussion created by Darla Romberger on Jan 13, 2016
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As I was wrapping up my semester of teaching Small Gas Engines, I was looking for a way to review content but in a student-directed manner, so I developed the "Final Tear-Down" guide.


The purpose was to review all the engine systems' functions and how they work together to keep an engine running. The tear-down took four days (42 minute periods) and I created a guide for each day that included review questions and areas to investigate while disassembling the engine. Also during the dis-assembly, students had a list of engine parts that they needed to photograph. Photographs were then printed and used to create a study guide to review the parts.


I've attached the following to this post:

  • Final Teardown Parts List
  • Part 1. Carburetion
  • Part 2. Valve Train
  • Part 3: Piston & Governor System
  • Part 4: Ignition


These documents would be useful in a Beginner's level Small Gas Engines course as we focused on the fundamentals of SGE in this class.