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    Floral curriculum

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      I'm completing my student teaching as of right now, and I'm about to take over the Floriculture class. I have my first unit of Conditioning and Storing Cut Flowers and Greens done and I'm going to go over Wiring Flowers next. The problem is that it will start over National Convention and I have no idea how to start a unit while I am gone. Does anyone have any ideas to cover two, 90 minute blocks? Anything will help at this point! Thanks.

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          How about making paper flowers and then practice taping them?  There is a pattern (somewhere) for making paper roses, they are individual petals you have to cut out of watercolor paper, put a wire through it to attach the petals and then tape the "stem".  After taping, etc, use water colors to lightly tint the edges of the flowers.  It would take some time to make a bouquet or corsages, or boutonnieres.  You could even make a video for them to watch before they start the task.  If they have access to iPads, iphones, laptops, it could be uploaded and they could work along with the video. 


          Here is a link I found, but not the pattern I was referring to, but it might work.


          DIY watercolor paper flowers | DIY Wedding | 100 Layer Cake

          Grow Creative: Crepe Paper Flowers

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            Hello there! I have some ideas for you I'd like to share!

            > If you are the FFA Advisor, it may be helpful to print out a Floriculture List and highlight what flowers they are already familiar with.... Recognition will aid them in their floral journey!

            > If you are teaching conditioning, have them create a 'conditioning card' for each type of flower, including prep, timing, temp, botanical/common names. Post.

            > Create a graphic organizer: with the word  'Wreath" in the center of a spider diagram, have 4 students list the uses for a wreath in floral ( holiday, funeral, head/bridal design, etc)....To assess their participation, each student should use a different color marker/pencil. Display as a visual reminder.

            >  Familiarize them with plant physiology:  give them a flower to dissect the parts, then re-create using play-doh or similar.

            >  Color Wheel: the utilization of a color wheel will be evident as they complete projects through the course.  print out basic wheel and have them color and label.


            Hoping these help! Welcome to the wonderful world of teaching!

            Lisa Ann Moschera-Chernigovets

            Agriscience Tech Instructor

            CASE AFNR, ASP, APB, ARD

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              Kellie Lubitz Neighbor

              Thank you for the ideas! I'll definitely have to try some of these!