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What should my poinsettia crop look like right now?

Discussion created by Heidi Davis on Sep 20, 2015
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Hello all....I am an animal science specialist who has been put in charge of her first poinsettia crop.  My retired co-teacher is great and has been a huge help but is currently on a much deserved retreat in Germany (so jealous :-)  )   I have been working diligently (dueling and scrapping) with maintenance to keep our greenhouse somewhat close to what is required temperature wise for the crop.  They still have not come to assist in putting on the shade cloth so I know my crop is getting way too hot during these Virginia Days......So my question...Could you please post pictures of what the crop should look like right now so i can see if it is affecting my plants too badly?  I plan on taking pictures tomorrow but my camera was fritzing this morning when i went out to water and do the side cloths....Thanks!