Nina Crutchfield

Making a Difference magazine is making a comeback!

Discussion created by Nina Crutchfield on Sep 16, 2015

It's taken some effort but the great magazine you once knew has finally returned, albeit in a new format. You will once again find great ideas, perspectives, and tried-n-true approaches to problems from your fellow teachers. Each month there will be new nuggets posted in the teacher portion of My Journey in so check back often!


If you haven't checked out the new site for great resources written by ag teachers for ag teachers, here is the trail to follow:

1. Log into

2. From the dashboard (it's the grey dropdown under the little chevron at the left-top of the screen) select My Journey from the middle column.

3. Select the big blue circle that says Connect.

4. Slide down the 3 component towers to the bottom and you'll see the great chalkboard logo for Making a Difference magazine.

5. Select any of the 3 MaD articles as they relate to the 3 components of school based agricultural education to find those ideas, perspectives, and approaches.

6. Feel free to explore all the other great resources the development team puts out there for you every month. If you want to see what's on the student side of My Journey,  you can toggle using the gold button above the towers that says Student View.


Happy teaching, Everyone!