Mike Spiess

CO State Safety Videos

Discussion created by Mike Spiess on Aug 12, 2015

Nathan Clark created a number of short safety videos for common tools.   These are on YouTube and the links can be embedded in a PPT or if a student misses the safety talk they could watch on their own.


Portable Drills https://youtu.be/JCSkG0xXfU8

Miter Saw https://youtu.be/QPJXMmmJDe0

Circular Saw https://youtu.be/dwucqwQGRCM

Metal Cut-Off (Chop) Saw https://youtu.be/1cmf2MT4mQ8

Bench Grinder https://youtu.be/eECHyNziIzw

Portable Grinder https://youtu.be/glRxeEvXe4U

Band Saw https://youtu.be/Cfj_D_WSJnU

Table Saw https://youtu.be/JTqvpgc7AH4

Jig Saw https://youtu.be/4j6k0zNwz8M

Drill Press https://youtu.be/An2duOTLY0k

Router https://youtu.be/sps4wzHZglk

Sanders https://youtu.be/WsCBctlm6uU