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Room Organization ideas

Discussion created by Lindy Holt on Dec 18, 2007
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I am looking for good organization ideas for my classroom.  I enjoy visiting other schools to see what their classrooms look like and hopefully to get a good idea on organizing/decorating my own room.  Ag teachers have so much "stuff" to store and squirrel away until that one time a year when we use it; or clever ways to keep items commonly used from being buried under our piles of paperwork.  My principal enjoys a clean and neat room - and keeping the boss happy is a daily job.  



Here are my newest ideas:



1.  Scotch Command hooks - they are hooks that can be removed without leaving nail holes or scarred walls.  I have the smaller ones that hold up clip boards with signup sheets, medium size will hold small plaques and picture frames, a large one holds my coat.  I have painted cinder block walls in my room and drilling for nails is a hard job.  These Command hooks are a little pricey but worth it (for me at least!



2. A teacher friend of mine used electrical tape to make a grid on her white board - she uses this for daily objectives in each class.  Prevents the hourly question, "What are we doing to day?!".  Imagine it with a whiney tone and from each student who enters the room.  One warning: if you make the chart for the whole week, the students will EXPECT to follow the chart, any divergence from it will induce more whiney comments.



3. Poor man's white board - shower wall panels from a building supply store.  I have found that they will discolor fast if you don't regularly clean them.