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FFA Reward Trip - How to earn?

Question asked by Alison Derringer on Jul 2, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2015 by Lisa Oellerich

I am now full time in a program where I was the long term sub last school year. Each year they do a Ag Tour trip to different businesses in a region of our state as a reward for students who earn a certain number of 'points' by participating in FFA activities and events throughout the year as well as volunteering. It's very popular and 35 of 50 students qualified to attend this past year. BUT - I would like to redo how they earn the trip as in the past it was done by the top 10% of point earners received the trip. This year, I made it so if they earned a certain amount of points they got to go. My pet peeve is that keeping track of points is a PAIN for both myself and the students plus making sure they're accurate.  Any ideas as to other ways they could earn this trip that's both encouraging them to be active but not difficult to track?