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Assignment #3 - The first three days

Question asked by Kalynn Baldock on Jun 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2015 by Katie Wood

As it stands right now my first three days are about students getting to know one another and what the class is about.  I get a lot of students in my class that have no clue what agriculture is and what they have signed up for.  The first day I usually go over the rules and the syllabus for the class.  Then the next two days we spend doing various activities to get to know one another, usually some type of silly name game, then some type of leadership games.

I would like to transform this by making it more of a mystery, where students have to discover what is going to be happening.  I still want students to get to know one another, but I really want to get them more engaged and excited about the class.  This year I had a lot of problems with excitement and engagement and I really want to change this.

This year I will be gone the first 3 days of school so I am planning on having some fun activities for the students to do with the substitute teacher and my student teacher.  On the first day I would like the students to create something that tells me about themselves, and upon my return I want to try and match the creation with the student.  The second day I want the students to create what they think would be the best teacher for the class.  Then on the third I want to learn what they want out of the class.  I am hoping without me there they will be honest and detailed.  Upon my return prior to my first day in class I hope to go over all the material and from that form a direction for the class.  It is my goal for students to learn through questions and finding the answers to those questions.  I hope I am able to get kids to relax and feel comfortable in my classroom and that I can help them grow in all areas of their lives, not just in my class.