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Discussion created by Jessica McCarty on Jun 17, 2015
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What do you currently do for your first three days of school? (My answer to this is based on what I did while student teaching because I have not yet had a class of my own)

     Day 1: First, I introduce myself and my interests/hobbies.  Then, I went over the syllabus, student information sheet, classroom rules and procedures.  Next, I handed out the parent information sheet I want them      to have their parents complete.  Between each of these, I played an ice breaker game with them to try to break up the monotony of the first day boring stuff.  Once this is completed, the students take a pretest      so that I can discover what they know about the content.

     Day 2: I collect signed syllabi and completed parent information sheets.  Students complete a bell ringer to show me what they already know about FFA.  Then, I present FFA Lesson 1.

     Day 3: Bell Ringer on what they learned the previous class.  Present FFA Lesson 2.  Play FFA Jeopardy.


How can you transform your classroom in the first three days to maximize student engagement and build a strong learning communities?

     I would like find a fun way to get to know my students and for them to get to know me.  I like Dave Burgess' idea of the play-doh, but I had such a hard time myself deciding on what to make that I would be      concerned that I would not know how to help my students decide for themselves.  I like his other ideas to gain rapport while teaching the students how procedures and group activities work in my class.  However,      my concern is that I am a young (and look it) first year teacher and need to gain the respect of my students.  I am worried that if I am silly with them during these activities for the first few days that they will not      take my seriously throughout the remainder of the semester.  I have always been told that I will have to be a witch at the beginning of my first few years until I look older and can gain respect easily.  I do not      want to be the witch and want to have fun with my students, but I also what their respect.  HELP?!


What do your three days look like? (In a perfect world, where my above concerns were not a problem)

     Day 1: Fun games for the students to get to know me and me to know them (maybe play-doh activity, etc).  Give out syllabus and parent information sheet for them to take home at the end of class. (I still think      its important for them to know my expectations and for their parents to take me seriously).

     Day 2: Fun activity to introduce FFA and get them interested in joining the chapter.  I do not know exactly what I would do here so if anyone has suggestions, please pass them on!

     Day 3: Continue lesson on FFA and get students excited about joining the chapter.  Have students start thinking about leadership roles within the chapter.  Again, suggestions would be appreciated!