Appropriate size of officer team

Poll created by Jamie Stark on Mar 25, 2013

The reason I ask is because I have officer interviews coming up REALLY soon, am a 1st year teacher, and would love to gather thoughts and opinions from those of you who have experience with this.  FYI, I have a chapter membership of only about 40 kids, all in high school.  Next year the ag program is FINALLY going full time and will include an 8th grade class, so 8th graders will have the opportunity to be in FFA beginning next year.  I definitely want to continue to expand membership in the high school.


Nonetheless.... I have 3 Senior officers who are graduating and leaving our officer team.  Currently, the officer team consists of 12 people.  President, Vice President, Secretary, Reporter, Treasurer, Sentinel, Parliamentarian, Jr. President, Jr. Secretary, Jr. Treasurer, Jr. Reporter, and Jr. Sentinel.


I've had thoughts that this is too many officers for the size of our chapter, but I have mixed thoughts and feelings about it.  I have 9 returning officers who will be Juniors and Seniors, and 5 kids who will be Sophomores who are interviewing for the first time.  So given this information, what would you do with it if you were facing this situation?  Any votes and comments will be of great help!



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  • Add 3 people to the officer team to replace the retiring officers and keep it how it is.
  • If all 14 of them are ready and worthy, have a 14-person officer team.
  • Reduce the number of offices. 12 is too many for the size of the chapter.
  • See how many are worthy and go from there.