Annette Weeks

Student Pranks

Blog Post created by Annette Weeks on May 24, 2011

12 chairs showed up in my shop at the beginning of the school year. Not sure where they came from, but they sat there.  Since the chairs were being stored in the Ag Shop, we of course switched out the best chairs in the stack with the worst ones on our classrooms.


I put in multiple work orders for their removal. In April I noticed they were rusting. So, I sent our head custodian an e-mail about the chairs and he put in another work order. On one of the nice days in May I commented to my Engines class, “Why don’t you put those chairs out on the sidewalk, maybe someone in maintenance will notice and finally pick them up.” My class agreed to move them for me.


I was working with students in the shop when my principal came in and said, “Mrs. Weeks, did you know about your chairs.”


I said, “Yes, I had the students move them out…”


“…to the road?” he said with one of his half smiles.


“Oh my gosh!” I said as we went to take a look.


When we got out to the sidewalk, one of the security guards and our intervention specialist were standing guard over the chairs that by had been moved back to the sidewalk by then. The security guard was chuckling, but the intervention specialist was grumbling about the chaors and how they were broken and how they shouldn't be out there.


     My industrious students had lined the chairs up across the school driveway, blocking the entrance. Cars were driving up to the chairs, stopping and turning around!


     My principal actually smiled, just a little and the chairs finally got removed.