Annette Weeks

Home from Washington State Convention

Blog Post created by Annette Weeks on May 17, 2011

Well...the week of 2011 State Convention is over. It was a hard week as the students didn't do as well as they thought they should. But boy was it ever a growing week. Here are things I think my students learned a little bit more about:


*     The journey is what it's all about, not the end prize

*     You really do need to take practices seriously. Others do. And it shows during competition.

*     Competition at state is a lot tougher than it is at districts - you should respect that and be ready for it.

*     You can go to convention to have fun, but you need to be serious first.

*     Finally...Don't assume anything. Just because you think you have it all tied up doesn't mean you do. Be prepared for the unexpected.


I find conventions to be a wonderful mix of excitement, stress and wonderment. Young members learning more about FFA. Old members renewing friendships and seniors saying good-bye to an organization they have been so at home in for the past few years.


Time flies by in such a short time while we are in the microcosm of FFA members and Advisors. I love it and for me it always singles the beginning of the end of the year. There is less than 5 weeks left of school and even less for seniors.


Students and friends ask why I do this job. When I come home from convention I am both exhausted (so much so I didn't hear my kiddos sneak in from the dance Saturday night and take pictures of me sleeping - they claim there's a video of the snoring too ) and pumped for next year. I love my students and the people I work with. I love the daily change. While it is bittersweet to see my students graduate, it is satisfying to know I played a small part in that process.


As you come into the end of your year, I wish you the best.