Annette Weeks

FFA Week: Take 2

Blog Post created by Annette Weeks on Feb 24, 2011

FFA Week: Take 2 - That is what we are going to title our FFA Week festivities when we hold then in 2 weeks. We had a student kill himself this past weekend and it just didn't feel right for us to continue with our festivities while 30% of the school population, some of them FFA members were grieving. The funeral was today - which was a snow day.


The activities that my officers have planned for the upcoming week:


During lunch we will have a table set out for students to "vote" for the teacher they want to see get their face painted blue and gold the following Monday. They will vote by putting money in the jar with the teachers' faces. All of the proceeds are going to our local food bank.


Tuesday is blue & gold day. At our table we have wrist bands for anyone who comes up wearing our colors to show support. Then for those who are dressed up really well, we will have the camera to take their picture and vote for who gets the prizes we have ordered from the FFA Catalogue. We tie-dyed blue and gold t-shirts during our Feb. chapter meeting to wear for this day.


Wednesday - we already did the staff appreciation breakfast.


Thursday we will have a field trip to our science museum. Currently there is a cool exhibit on Egypt with a real mummy and an exhibit on designing everything from buildings to video games


Friday we will have guessing jars are both lunches. They are water bottles with m&m's. One is in our school colors, the other is in FFA colors.


Over all, I think it will go over better when everyone is in better spirits and the timing will be better for some fun.