Annette Weeks

Staff Appreciation Breakfast?

Blog Post created by Annette Weeks on Feb 23, 2011

For FFA Week, my students have traditionally done an appreciation breakfast. It has evolved over the years. Sometimes it is just a continental breakfast and sometimes we get way more breakfast foods involved. This year, the students wanted to try for something more tradiotnal - pancakes. We even had an advisory member who had suggested this to the officers and volunteered to make them. We have also included a hashbrown casserole that is one of my family favorites and has become a staff favorite.


Great idea your thinking to yourself.....


Last week, my principal came to me to inform me he had scheduled our proctor training for the statewide testing on the same morning as our breakfast (the morning of our collaboration). Could we move breakfast to another week when only the teaching staff and no support staff would be in the building? The officers vetoed that idea.


They did however decide to scale down the food to coffee and baked goods before the training. This would keep the intent of the "breakfast" and not interfere with the training. Our principal agreed.


Yesterday we started getting reports of the nasty weather that really was going to hit and snow that was going to come from the mountains all the way to the coast. Now I know most of you have been dealing with this weather for months now. We here in Washington have had it pretty lucky.


It came as no suprise this morning at 5:46 am when I got a call making today a 2 1/2 hour late start. So I started calling officers to make sure they knew not to meet me at school. I let me principal know, the food would still be here, because it was ordered and couldn't be let sit. I went I picked up the food and we have a staff graze today. I had the food out by 8:00 am (1 1/4 hours later than expected) and with no students to greet them.


Do you ever get the feeling that some things were just not meant to be?