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Sub Plans...

Blog Post created by Annette Weeks on Feb 6, 2011

So I decided that I needed a sub for yesterday. I hate being sick because so often students don't make any progress and even more often they back-slide. Especially at the beginning of a semester, what rotten timing for flu-season to hit!


My Small Gas Engines Class was supposed to be getting the grand tour of the shop so I could point out the key areas and the safety items. I was also going to begin our big safety lecture. Friday was supposed to be the day when they got to get out of their seats and see the shop. Ugh! So at about 10:00 pm I got this brainstorm. Because i couldn't be in the class giving the tour, maybe the students could give themselves a tour. After all, I have some really good advanced students this semester who can help oversee their movements and know where the beginning students can and can't be.


Hey, I'm thinking, this could work!


So I begin to make a partial map of my shop and outside enclosure. The map included the off-limits areas and directions for what the students were supposed to look for and fill in.


I stopped by the school on my way home from the Beef Weigh-In this morning and read the sub report. The map worked. The sub says the students were great and they got the idea of where the safety items are located. I am pleased that this worked, I may keep this as my tour for the future. I guess in the long run having a sub was a good thing because I would never have come up with this idea had I been in class yesterday - I would have continued doing things the same old way.


So here is to a healthy cold and flu season for everyone. My school nurse says wash those hands and wash them often!