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Farrah Johnson

Region V thoughts

Posted by Farrah Johnson Jun 5, 2009

As I am writing, we are winding down the last day of school. (What a year it has been!) The weeks ahead hold our Florida State FFA Convention and our Regional Conference. Next week at convention, our FAAE has enlisted the help of our Collegiate NAAE members to help recruit students and offer the "Are you Smarter than your Ag Teacher" game from NAAE's booth at National FFA Convention. I encourage you to think outside the box for ways to encourage teachers to become more active and increase awareness and interest of teaching agriculture as a profession!


I am also looking forward to our regional conference. Each year a lot of hard work and time goes into our regional conferences by a lot of members and states. I just want to say thank you to everyone who supports our association with planning and presenting at regional conferences.


As we move through the summer months, I know some will move into other careers, some will move to different schools, and some may retire. One exciting aspect of this time of year is that we will also have NEW teachers joining the profession! I hope you take an opportunity to offer lesson ideas, words of encouragement, and CDE training help to these new members of our profession! New teachers, do not be afraid to ask for help, to seek ideas and guidance from veteran teachers and to try new things! I hope as you begin your teaching career you take advantage of the professional development opportunities from NAAE and your state.

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