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Why we need horticulturists

Posted by ed olsen Dec 12, 2014

Here is the link to a good article by Adrian Higgins in the Washington Post a couple of days ago.  The title is Why we need horticulturists.  In the article there is a statement about needing better pay and benefits for horticulturists so we can attract more to the field.  Believe it or not, I make more money teaching than I did as a greenhouse manager at the local botanical garden! 

Sometimes when you teach floriculture it is hard to make those real world connections to the boys so that they become interested in flower design.  O


n Friday I started introducing my kids to floriculture ID using some flowers that I had leftover from Homecoming and an arrangement that I had made.  In introducing the flowers we were also classifying them as either filler, form, line or mass flowers.  The first flower I held up to ID and talk about was Baby's Breath.  Right after I described it and mentioned that it would be classified as a filler flower, one of the boys in the class pipes up that he had just heard that in a TV show that week.  (I'm sorry I don't remember the show....)  Some character on this popular show worked at a florist shop.  And the character was talking about Baby's Breath and mentioned that it was a filler flower!    I bet that for the rest of his life, this kid will remember that Baby's Breath is a filler flower!  And now he will be paying more attention to what that floral designer does/says in his shop on the show.


I just love watching the light bulbs go on in kids heads!  Those nuggets are what teaching is about.