Corey Alleman
 For my animal science unit I am covering beef breeds and though it would be a neat idea to give kids ear tags with the name of the breed on it to match a table marker. I have attached a sheet of blank ear tags and a PowerPoint of some beef breeds for table markers. 
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Bridget Mahoney
Hello!   I'm a new teacher this year in a very small school.  I'm having trouble with my freshman Ag 1 students.  In the course description, which was created before I was hired, it states that the majority of the class is covering What is FFA and the different aspects of FFA.  My students are rebelling.  They have no desire to learn about FFA… (Show more)
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Kevin Napier
I am wanting to hold an Agriculture Olympics at my school.  I would like to have any ideas on what events to hold, how their judged and and anything else that you can think of.  Any ideas will be welcomed as I have a clean slate on what I want to do.  Thanks
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Dani Gaulden
I am working on a Middle School Mechanics unit that involves stations and rotating through each section. They would rotate through 5 stations in groups of 3-5 students (woodworking, welding, electricity, concrete, small engines). Each station would be 3 days. This would be after safety is covered. I have 4 stations good to go, but I am needing… (Show more)
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