Kristin Sheehan
The "Steaks are High" is an online game by the beef checkoff program.  I created this lesson to bring relevance to different cattle operations and how they are used in the online game.  Students will calculate have to calculate average weight gain and determine number of acres per head.  
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Mary Katherine
My 7th graders spend about four days on this project. One to research and answer the questions about the breed and three to create the soda bottle pig. We use recycled products that teachers have donated, specifically: Soda Bottles (anywhere from 8 oz to 2L) Paper Towel or Toilet Paper Rolls K-Cups (Legs) Pipe Cleaners Masking Tape Paper…
in Middle School Programs
Rose Hartschuh
You know you love your students when you're willing to dig through the compost pile for bones, wash them in bleach water in your kitchen sink, and then boil them on the stove to sanitize them! For this lab, I gave each group of two one card with a question mark on it. Before they could ask me a question, they had to turn in their question card.…
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Michelle Sweeten
I want my Animal science students to create digestion models out of recycled materials/ stuff from home.  Does anyone have a similar assignment/rubric I could see? I did search some.... but so far not finding what I want.  The students did pretty good with pasta models of skeletons.   Thanks!
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