Calandria Jarboe
Hello everyone. I'm in my second year teaching and my first teaching an Ag Mechanics class. I was wondering if anyone could give me an idea of what all you do in your Electrical section of Ag Mechanics. I'm trying to decide how deep in to go and ways to make it interesting so if you have some activities I would appreciate it. We do have the… (Show more)
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Dianna Jarema
Ahh...April 5th started a new marking period and the beginning of the small engine maintenance unit.  Come May, we will have maintained 65 lawnmowers saving parents at least $65 per mower.  Ag Mech students love this unit...they change oil, clean and check spark plugs, sharpen blades and clean air filters.  All that and planning for the FFA Awards Banquet on April 25th at 6:30 pm!
Rick Bierbrauer
Hello,   Last year I did 6 Ag Exchange boxes with my 7th and 8th grade classes and it was great! I haven't seen a post for exchange boxes yet so I thought I would start one. I would like to do an exchange with 6 other agriculture programs across the country. If anyone is interested in doing an exchange with a program in WI please reply to this… (Show more)
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Gary E Moore
t is a pleasure to welcome David Laatsch, retired Agriculture Teacher from Beaver Dam, WI as the guest columnist for this week’s Friday Footnote: National Farm Youth Foundation – Distance Learning in the 1940’s by David Laatsch, retired Agriculture Teacher, Beaver Dam, WI Our national and international response to Covid-19 has caused teachers to…
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Dawn Baker
My second semester is coming up and there will be 26 students in my Ag mech class. I have to finish up with Plumbing, Electricity, Small Engines, Metal Technoloy and Welding. What kind of projects would you recommend for such as large class? We have 4 welders.. I was thinking hillbilly golf for Plumbing, but Im running on empty for other ideas and… (Show more)
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