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Day 8

Posted by Danielle Reeser Feb 8, 2012

Another long day, we were finally back to regular schedule for the first day this week and it was clear that the students had already become accustom to the lessened classroom time. Once again I took that step of getting up in front of class and taught my freshman again. I think they are back to normal, getting students to stop talking and listen to the lesson and participate in the lesson became much more of an issue than it was in my first lesson, looks like I get to work on better classroom management. The rest of the day remained pretty uneventful but as always full of new ideas. After school I attended my first meeting with the literacy committee to brainstorm ideas for improving literacy rates for students within the high school, it is still slightly odd to me to be included in these meetings because I just do not feel old enough to be a teacher I feel like I am still a student, it has been such a weird adjustment. Once the literacy meeting ended I headed off to senior chapter meeting practice where I observed a complete turn around as compared to last week and you could just see it in everyones face, they knew they were starting to get it, I am so excited for them and I hope they keep it up!!!

Day 6 and 7

Posted by Danielle Reeser Feb 7, 2012

Day 6 was extremely exciting for me, it was my first class. Freshman, that's right freshman, the principles of agriculture class was the first I got to take over and I loved every second of it. When I was done I was ready to jump back into the hot seat and take on the next class. I taught a unit over record keeping as well as established some classroom rules. I think that overall I was pretty successful with the students and I look forward to my next day of teaching. We later moved into our greenhouse class where we had discovered last week we had a pretty substantial infestation of what I figured to be scale. After discussing with a college horticulture professor I confirmed that it was both hard and soft scale so students got the opportunity to take a good look at it, we even put it under the microscope and got a really close look. What a learning experience and just the start of my second week!!!! To end the day we went into a three yes I said three period pep rally! It was the biggest waste of time I had ever seen in my life, students were not really even paying attention after the first hour or so, but that meant no class so a lot of the teachers seemed pretty happy.


Day 7 the school hosted an ACT scrimmage day and the seniors went to a play at a near by university so it was a pretty uneventful day due to the fact that we did not really have any class. After school we had junior chapter meeting practice where I apparently get too frustrated. I just cannot figure out how to tell these students that they need more enthusiasm in their opening ceremonies as well as their discussion. It was like listening to a group of robots. It was a long day yet I cannot wait to get back out there and do it again tomorrow!!!

Day 4 and 5

Posted by Danielle Reeser Feb 4, 2012

Thursday was another long day of observing. I eagerly await the opportunity to get up and actually teach some lessons. I have gotten a chance to work with students in smaller numbers in the greenhouse transplanting plugs into pots of sale, this opportunity was probably the best thing that could have happened because I am finally starting to feel comfortable with the students. After school was my first junior chapter meeting practice, and I was not expecting the attitude that I got. I have come from an FFA program where students fight to be able to compete on teams and give their all at practice; these students did not want to be there, I have a lot to get used to. At the end of practice my supervising teacher and I were giving feedback of things to think about before and during the next meeting and I couldn't believe it, the chairman started to cry!!! I haven't even started teaching yet and I have already made a student cry!! I learned a lot about myself in that practice, I learned that I have come a long way in my parliamentary procedure knowledge and I need to give students opportunities to learn too, I learned that I need to find ways to word my constructive feedback in a way that is less intimidating to my students.


Finally Friday and the end of my first full week. I have a lot to think about in this upcoming weekend, I start my first class Principles of Agriculture. I took time to work on getting my first lesson together I am nervous and excited all at the same time. I have some great high school teachers behind me and I know I have some great agriculture students in front of me that I hope will not treat me too badly. Wish me luck, Monday will be here before I know it!!!

Day 3

Posted by Danielle Reeser Feb 1, 2012

Today followed suit with yesterday, sitting and observing classes and trying to get into the swing of things within my school. I have gotten more and more opportunities to interact with students throughout the school day such as when plants came in at the greenhouse I took the lead with a group of students assisting and teaching them how to transplant plugs in the greenhouse. I also learned that Boston Ferns have root bulbs, I do not know how I had never known this!! During my planning period I got a visit from the FFA chapter president and had an opportunity to learn a bit about the history of the program, which is good to know when it comes to being a practice advisor. Today was also my first parliamentary procedure practice as a "teacher" and with the revamped rules for the state I felt somewhat lost, it is much different than the contest from my day which I might add was not too long ago. Today was a big learning experience and I can tell that I am quickly learning names, I even surprised some young men when I addressed them by name today. I have a great amount of respect for my two supervising teachers and it is clear to me that I have a lot to learn, but I have two great people to help me and teach me.

Day 2

Posted by Danielle Reeser Feb 1, 2012

This was my first full day of observing classes and I must say teaching is going to be interesting. I look forward to all of the adventures but worry about my classroom management abilities at this point. I have found out that my first class to pick up is going to be a freshman principles of agriculture class, and I am going to finish up sections of a recordbook and then move into public speaking.


I would have to say that something that really surprised me today was in my floral design class, students were working to pair up for floral arrangements and they needed to establish different partners for different arrangements. This class has a pretty substantial number of special needs students and every student in the class, for the most part, made an effort to partner with at least one of them for their designs. It was amazing for me to see and I was so glad to see the compassion from my students.

Day 1

Posted by Danielle Reeser Jan 30, 2012

My first day of student teaching was, well interesting. It started off a pretty normal day but by lunch I was given the unique opportunity to sit in on a Departmental Meeting/Program Review. I must say that for a first day this was extremely overwhelming. Listening to the other teachers in Practical Living areas talk about the struggles that they are having getting students to meet goals that the distract and state say that they need to meet. Things that I had thought were known pretty well across the board were concepts that even some of the more advanced students struggled to understand, such as reading information processing it and putting a summary onto paper about what they read. I heard many teachers talk about how their students just wanted to copy and paste from a website and let that be their assignment. I know that technology is important and supposed to help our students but how much is it hurting them at the same time?


I look forward to what is to come out of my student teaching experience, I have two great teachers that I respect very much that I feel will lead me into being an amazing teacher. What do I see in my near future? Well we have greenhouse plants coming in this week, guess I picked a good week to start!! Here goes!