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Kathryn Simunich
I am teaching Vet Sci...we are on our Hospital Procedures unit and will be doing a simulated castration of pigs. This is where we use balloons, cherry tomatoes, string, etc to simulate the parts then the students use scalpels to 'castrate' their pig. I am looking for a similar lab to do with the students for canine spay. Nothing too… (Show more)
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Cami Schumann
Hello! I have 8th grade ag exploratory students that would like to do an ag exhange box. We live in Idaho. This is a single semester class so I would also like to participate with someone during second semester. Please contact me, Cami Schumann at  ASAP!! Thanks we look forward to working with you!
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Andrea Fristoe
Your journey as an ag teacher is a lifetime filled with learning, excitement, and growth for you, your students, and the future of agriculture. That is why it is absolutely the  BEST. CAREER. EVER.   Never Stop Living the Dream This month we get to meet Greg Schneider, agriculture teacher at Greensburg Community High School, in Indiana.… (Show more)
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Andrea Fristoe
  Totally Acceptable. . . .  To join the National Teach Ag Day celebration by viewing the live webcast on Thursday, September 19th, To use the #Tagged19 Graphic Organizer in your classroom as you follow along with the National Teach Ag Day live webcast, To cast your vote in the Teach Ag Day Commercial Contest by viewing the video… (Show more)
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Andrea Fristoe
This post is part of the September 2019 Teach Ag Times e-newsletter.   Teaching agriculture is the BEST. CAREER. EVER. This month, meet Greg Schneider, an agriculture teacher who has been in the classroom for 29 years. Find out how he has developed personally and professionally and get some great advice to use as you embark on your own #TeachAg… (Show more)
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Stacy Fritz
Here are a few links that might provide some ideas for students who are looking for topics for an Agriscience Fair Project.  Also included is a link to the National FFA Agriscience Fair Program   Science Fair Ideas  …
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Jason Kemp
Fellow NAAE Members, I hope all is well with everyone and your first six weeks of the school year is off to a great start. I would like to take just a moment of your time and discuss with you the value of award-winning recognition through NAAE for your programs. It seems that today we live in a high pace social media world where everyone has… (Show more)
Gary E Moore
Last week we looked at Henry C. Groseclose, the man. This week we will learn about the museum dedicated to him and the FFA. The Groseclose FFA Museum is located in Ceres, Virginia. This small community had an elementary and high school until 1962 at which time the high school was moved to the town of Bland. In 1991 the elementary school was closed…
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Jaysa Fillmore
I did this today with Intro to Ag freshmen- they were very receptive! We're just beginning the FFA Unit so this is the first thing they've seen besides the Creed. Not just a fill-in-the blank worksheet!
Steve Lammers
Attached are unit plans and materials for a three week swine unit. I have used this information for a 10-12th grade animal science course. I do think it would be appropriate for 9th graders as well. All notes and information based on Modern Livestock & Poultry Production by James R. Gillespie from Delmar Cengage Learning. Unit review and test are… (Show more)
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Sabrina Shaver
September 9, 2019 Vision The Council creates an intentional direction for the Agricultural Education Model by: Connecting Leaders Fostering Collaboration Driving Action MissionThe Council leads the future of school-based agricultural education by: Identifying opportunities and resources Providing a forum for thought and direction Focusing on… (Show more)
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