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Cameron Dale
Attached is the business meeting agenda for our Region II meetings.   Updated 11/30.
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Gary E Moore
I am not sure of the words to describe my feelings after reading an article titled “The Last Dance” from the Fall 1953 issue of the National Future Farmer. Perhaps sad or poignant fit. Better yet, I will let you read the article and come up with your own words. The Last Dance By R. W. Harris Vo-Ag Instructor, Browning (Montana) The colorful…
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Natalie (Kincy) Ferand
Good Afternoon,   We are excited to announce our Collegiate Assistant Professor position for Agricultural Education! This position is ideal for someone interested in focusing their career trajectory on teaching and outreach. The review date for this position is December 1, 2021. I am chairing this search committee and welcome your questions about…
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Rick Bierbrauer
Hello,   Last year I did 6 Ag Exchange boxes with my 7th and 8th grade classes and it was great! I haven't seen a post for exchange boxes yet so I thought I would start one. I would like to do an exchange with 6 other agriculture programs across the country. If anyone is interested in doing an exchange with a program in WI please reply to this… (Show more)
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Jason Peake
Hello everyone, the purpose of this space is provide a clearing house for all things related to Elementary Agricultural Education. This is an emerging field, everyone is welcome, please feel free to jump in. 
Heidi Doyle
I am a 2nd year teacher and would like to start practicing with my students for the Dairy Products CDE.  If you have any lessons or supplemental information that I can use I would greatly appreciate you sharing it with me.
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Gary E Moore
In the latter half of the 1800s, the Indian conflicts (skirmishes, wars) in America were at an end. The vanquished Native Americas were herded to reservations. But the question emerged about what to do with the Indian children. The American government decided that Native American children should be reeducated and “Americanized.” They should be…
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Sarah Knutson
I am a new teacher and I am looking to start up a Food Science Course. I am working with a local lady who used to do a lot of food science stuff and I have gotten some great ideas. From people that teach a food science course, I am wondering: If I could see a syllabus, if you buy curriculum from somewhere for it that has been good, or what you… (Show more)
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