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Joni Fields
Does anyone have any ideas of fun, hands on activities that you can do in Exploratory Agriculture Class?  I do not have a lot of money to use and that causes a problem.  I have the 7th graders 1st quarter and 8th graders 2nd quarter.  Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreicated.   Thanks!

Bill Costanzo
Does anyone have any files they would share on students doing SAE Presentations?  I am looking for any rubrics or worksheets, just about anything I canuse to get started.
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Jason Ince
This question was posted by a fellow teacher here in Southside Virginia. Can anyone help?   I've been recording some of the Modern Marvels for use in our ag program.  Does anyone already have worksheets/questions written up for any of them?  I plan to make worksheets for them, but I didn't want to reinvent the wheel if I didn't have to.   
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William Johnson
I am looking for resources for teaching Electrical Ladder diagrams, I have plenty of resources for wiring residential circuits. I would like to introduce ladder diagrams for electrical controls, as that is one area that I am weak in, I searched the boards and didn't really find anything. Can anybody share or point me in a direction to find some
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Hilary Parker
Zach Crews, an agricultural educator at Slater School in Slater, Mo., knows that memorable classroom learning moments tend to stick with students. And there's not much more memorable than teaching a student to castrate livestock.   And while he'd love to be able to teach them on a live animal, it's simply not practical. So Crews came up with the