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Megan Allred
I am trying to find any activities or anything engaging on Nutrition, I feel like all I am doing is having my students take notes and wanted something more engaging to get the students more enthused about the subject matter. Also any engaging activities on Digestion would be helpful as well. Thanks in Advance
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Darla Romberger
As I was wrapping up my semester of teaching Small Gas Engines, I was looking for a way to review content but in a student-directed manner, so I developed the "Final Tear-Down" guide.   The purpose was to review all the engine systems' functions and how they work together to keep an engine running. The tear-down took four days (42 minute periods)… (Show more)
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Amanda Mullins
Here is the key several of you had ask for. . I know most of them she has correct. I am still working on the Breeds Key for those of you who have ask.
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Kathryn Simunich
I am teaching Vet Sci...we are on our Hospital Procedures unit and will be doing a simulated castration of pigs. This is where we use balloons, cherry tomatoes, string, etc to simulate the parts then the students use scalpels to 'castrate' their pig. I am looking for a similar lab to do with the students for canine spay. Nothing too… (Show more)
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Cami Schumann
Hello! I have 8th grade ag exploratory students that would like to do an ag exhange box. We live in Idaho. This is a single semester class so I would also like to participate with someone during second semester. Please contact me, Cami Schumann at  ASAP!! Thanks we look forward to working with you!
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