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Marek D'Alonzo
As a Kinesiology major, I usually ponder the motives of a teacher. I connect this with my desire to help people become healthy again through practices I partake in. So, my question is, as a student teacher, is it easier or harder to care for your new students as people? I ask this because in my own mind, the completion of Maslow's Hierarchy of… (Show more)
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Jaysa Fillmore
Idaho's landscape design curriculum.     I've used it- it was a great entire curriculum that is NOT just PowerPoint based!! I also have some supplements if you're interested in additional worksheets, etc.
Julie Fritsch
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Kelsey Carlson
Does anyone have any good Cash-Flow worksheets or activities that I could utilize with my Ag Management and Technology Class?  I am looking for some real like examples that kids that work on.  We're just starting our SAE Record Books, however, a majority of my kids have absolutely nothing to put in them as of year as far as income/expenses.  … (Show more)
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