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Gary E Moore
Many of the books about the history of agriculture in North America start with a focus on the northeastern part of the United States. For example, Cochrane’s The Development of American Agriculture (1984) starts out describing settlements in Virginia, Massachusetts, Maryland, the Carolinas, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and…
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Austin Baker
Hello! I am a first year teacher and I am teaching vet science. I have seen the awesome workbook that there is on here  and have been utilizing it. Does anyone have the powerpoints that accompany each unit/section? I can make them, I just do not want to reinvent the wheel it they are already done!   Thank you in advance!   Austin Baker
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Clarissa Lewis
For a teacher who has 80% of each students' grade dedicated to participation, I should already have this figured out! But, I don't...or at least, not any more. On the advice of my colleagues, I started the year grading participation by keeping track of who speaks and how often they speak in class. Seven days later, I realize that process does not… (Show more)
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