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Andrea Fristoe
From Capital Press   SUTHERLIN, Ore. — Agriculture and industrial arts teachers recently went back to school to better prepare themselves to teach their incoming students. Teachers from around Oregon and a couple from Washington state participated in a weeklong Shop Management Seminar in early July at Sutherlin High School. The purpose of

Karen Roudabush
Does anyone have any ideas or activities that would be a great introduction/ice breaker to class on the first day? This will be my first year teaching and I want this lesson to be fun for everyone!
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Kristin Witte
First Day of School Stations   I came up with this idea after reading through some ideas in the reflection and seeing a discussion/thread on Twitter. I know students get tired of the first day of school sit listen and go through the syllabus. So I tried to make it more interactive. I also tried to make the papers fun by adding a bitmoji.   The
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Sarah Warren
It’s time for Adventure #3 Pirates! For completing this assignment, you will earn your Ruby Jewel!     Your First Three Days   It is finally summer! Typically, fairs, livestock shows, summer conferences, FFA activities, and family vacations fill the ag teacher’s calendar of “summer recharge” time. Oh, and don’t forget, it is also your
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Jessica McCarty
What do you currently do for your first three days of school? (My answer to this is based on what I did while student teaching because I have not yet had a class of my own)      Day 1: First, I introduce myself and my interests/hobbies.  Then, I went over the syllabus, student information sheet, classroom rules and procedures.  Next, I handed out