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Rose Hartschuh
Would anyone be willing to share their FFA unit? Pieces and parts welcome.   I'm a first-year teacher, and I started half-way through the school year. The freshmen haven't had any exposure to FFA yet, and this is something I didn't teach during student teaching. Any help appreciated!

Ayla Miller
I am going to begin my Large Animal Science Class with a dairy unit this year.  I have some odds and end materials, but was hoping someone had a unit they were willing to share.   I will appreciate any suggestions, documents, etc.   Thanks, Ayla
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Sara Colombe
Hello Everyone,   Here is a link to access Virtual Farm Tours. The videos are based from Canada information but it is still good information and videos: Virtual Farm Tour   I have done the Dairy and Sheep tours. I also created follow along worksheets for these two tours.   Enjoy this great resource
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The 8th Annual Teach Ag Day Celebration will take place tomorrow Thursday, September 21st via webcast. The event celebrates the contribution and impact of over 12,000 Ag Teachers across the nation.   See the Teach Ag Day official press release by clicking here.   This year shines a light on a thriving Agriculture-Based Public School on
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Chris Smith
Here are fun ways to practice a motion chart with a Parli Pro team. Using Kahoot students will need a device attached to the internet and sign into the game using the pin. It will ask them questions and keep track of the person in first place! Enjoy the resources!   Subsidiary Motions   Privileged Motions   Incidental Motions