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Matt Bax
I have recently talked to my administration about offering a landscaping/floriculture class for the 2010-11 school year.  Right now I am in the process of finding adequate curriculum/textbooks, course descriptions to help with is course.  What are some things that you do in your landscaping/floriculture classes?   Matt Bax
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Steve Lammers
Attached are unit plans and materials for a three week swine unit. I have used this information for a 10-12th grade animal science course. I do think it would be appropriate for 9th graders as well. All notes and information based on Modern Livestock & Poultry Production by James R. Gillespie from Delmar Cengage Learning. Unit review and test
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Lindy Holt
I have decided to try out the new "project" option in Communities of Practice.  If you go to the Horticulture and Greenhouse Community, you may help with our project.  If you do a landscape design project in your class, please add it to the project.  If you have a rubric or other documents you use, please upload them for others to