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    Every day ideas for promoting the ag program.

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      Here are some great ideas that others have shared for spreading the ag education message:



      • Post student accomplishments on business marquis
      • Send a follow-up email to school staff regarding student success or involvement at events.  Especially if students missed school for the event.
      • Work with your community to purchase and display a "Proud FFA Community" Sign. Contact jim.ertl@state.mn.us for purchasing.
      • Make arrangements for the Ag Dept. to have a dedicated trophy case area in the school for displaying Ag Dept. and FFA information and awards.
      • Invite school board members and school administration to attend class field trips, FFA events, and guest speakers.
      • Share all Ag Department and FFA related photos with the Yearbook staff and website editor for inclusion in the yearbook and promotional materials.
      • Volunteer to be on school committee groups.  This gives you an opportunity to model professionalism to your students while sharing the latest happening with other staff during committee work.
      • Include FFA fundraising events or open house events in local church bulletins
      • Join the local chamber ag committee.  If there is not a local chamber ag committee work to start one.
      • During Banquet, breakfasts, or other ag appreciation events create table tents with ag department, FFA, and current and former student updates.
      • Have an agriculture fact of the week in the weekly announcements or newspaper.
      • Create an ag department Student Hall of Fame or Distinguished Alumni area in the classroom.  Use this area to showcase current and former students who are doing successful things in the field of agriculture.  Clip out articles from the newspaper when ag department students are highlighted and include in this area as well.
      • Start an ag spotlight student of the month.  Display in the ag classroom and share with local media.
      • Submit quarterly or monthly updates about the ag program and FFA chapter to the media, school board, principal, stakeholders. etc.





      Share your ideas by simply replying to this post.  The more the better.  No idea is too big or too small.  You may also upload accompanying documents to your reply.

        • 1. 2010 Summer Conference Marketing Workshop Ideas Shared
          Ellen Thompson Top CoP

          1.      Put up a booth at the local Farm Show

          2.      Coordinate radio broadcasts about the program during harvest or other busy field times.

          3.      Serve ice cream to the student body

          4.      Create (or have a student) a former FFA member database.  Add to it every year.  Use the list to send out timely newsletters throughout the year that include highlights and information on the upcoming fruit sale with order form, greenhouse plant sales, invitation to the chapter banquet, alumni meetings or activities

          5.      Invite future members to the ag room during lunch and have them fill out an info form.  Follow-up with each student who fills out a form.

          6.      After an FFA CDE put part of the CDE in the teachers’ lounge for other staff to see what the students did and to test their own knowledge.

          7.      Have the ag business or marketing class coordinate the corn drive to improve their marketing skills.

          8.      Host a safety carnival for the elementary and rotate the method of delivery every few years; year one- meet with the students in their classrooms and give presentations, year two- show a safety video, year three- have a carnival with safety booths and exhibits

          9.      Supply every dues paying member with a standard basic polo with the school ag department or FFA name on the front.  Require students to wear them to events, have extras on hand.  Increases professionalism and unity when representing the chapter and looks good in pictures. 

          10.  Create a 3-5 elevator speech statement about the ag program for inclusion at the end of every press release.  A basic run down of what agriculture education is and what the local program offers.

          11.  Have students write ag issues articles and submit them to the paper throughout the year.  Include a picture of the student along with a snippet about the class the student wrote the article for. 

          12.  Include a permission slip/photo release form with the FFA membership form at the beginning of the year or at the start of each semester/quarter.

          13.  Require students to get a sign out sheet for each class they will miss because of FFA or ag class. 

          14.  When hosting guest speakers or going on tours invite other staff that have an interest or connection; biology teacher for DNR, chemistry teacher for food science.  This allows other staff to view how agriculture applies their content.

          15.  Create a template sheet with postcards, print off several to have on hand.  The post card may read Way to Go!  Or Fantastic!  When a student does something worthy of special recognition fill out the postcard and give it to the student or mail it home to the parents.  Make sure you include the ag department name or logo on the post card along with a brief explanation of the accomplishment.

          16.  Host a senior parent’s night where senior students are honored and have the opportunity to show off their projects or classroom accomplishments.

          17.  Hold a CTE project night, perhaps during another event like PT conferences or band concert.  Have all the CTE areas set-up and showcase different student projects and classroom curriculum.

          18.  Business Industry and Education visits around town with the officers.  The officers and members meet and greet area businesses and introduce themselves.  Leave information on how the business could support/get involved with the ag program; alumni, advisory, guest speaker, host a field trip, financial donation, in kind sponsorship, etc.


          • 2. Re: Marketing to specific groups - 2010 Summer Conference
            Ellen Thompson Top CoP

            Please add to this list.


            Marketing to School Board/Administration/Teachers and Staff


            ·       Invite them to attend National Convention

            ·       Bring them along to regional contests or provide highlights upon returning

            ·       Invite them to Monday night of State FFA Convention

            ·       Make sure they are invited to the Chapter Banquet

            ·       Provide them with an Annual Year in Review of the Program

            ·       Monthly/Quarterly Newsletter Updates

            ·       Host an appreciation breakfast where the students serve them (have accomplishments and classroom projects on display during the breakfast)

            ·       Open and consistent communication about ag department events and happenings

            ·       Send CDE results to School Board



            Marketing to Parents of current and future students


            ·       Newsletter updates

            ·       Showcase student projects

            ·       Display ag program related items at P/T Conferences

            ·       Ask parents to chaperone events

            ·       Invite parents along on class field trips and for guest speakers

            ·       Ask parents to be host field trips or be guest speakers



            Marketing to Students within the school


            ·       Photo montage displayed for students to view with a diverse range of students featured in the pictures

            ·       Newsletter updates

            ·       Bulletin Boards with a monthly theme (assign student helpers to be responsible for the theme)

            ·       Large Photos in the hall from fun field trips or events

            ·       Displays

            ·       Include in the announcements fun activities students in the ag department will take part in.

            ·       Read Across America to the elementary aged children

            ·       Spread the word about the science/econ/art/college/articulation credit available through the ag program

            ·       Highlight successful graduates

            ·       Develop a mentoring program with older and younger members

            ·       Invite non members to some events/open house

            ·       Host mock CDE?s



            Community Stakeholders


            ·       Open invite to the chapter banquet (free food will need to be offered likely)

            ·       Student tours

            ·       Buy your ag program products locally and share with the business owner what you will use the products for in class.

            ·       Host guest speakers

            ·       Newspaper articles on local issues

            ·       Create or activate your advisory/alumni


            • 3. Re: Marketing to specific groups - 2010 Summer Conference
              Ellen Thompson Top CoP

              An idea from the Ag Ed listening sessions this summer.


              Instead of asking a local civic or service group if you can speak to their group offer the ag department room to be the guest host of the next meeting.  Have FFA/PAS members be greeters and provide tours.  Display student work in the room.


              Inviting people to the program instills a certain connection and pride in the attendees.  Their visit will likely spur a deeper relationship with the ag program, a willingness to support future endeavors, and lead to vocal support of the program success.

              • 4. Re: Every day ideas for promoting the ag program.
                Christa Williamson Champion

                Ellen might already have this on the list but one cool thing we are doing this year that the officers are in charge of is, we purchased a digital picture frame and put it in our awards cabinet in the commons.They turn it on at home sporting events and at lunchtime when they have updated the pictures.  We are still in the process of implementing, but what a great easy promotional tool.

                • 5. Re: Every day ideas for promoting the ag program.
                  Ellen Thompson Top CoP

                  Ideas from the 2011 Ag Tech Marketing Workshop


                  • During PTC have a slideshow going that features pictures from class and FFA events.
                  • Post employment statistics from 2 and 4 year colleges in your room.
                  • Identify a variety of students in your program that represent some of the different groups of kids that make up your school have them work together to present to younger students opportunities in ag education and FFA/PAS.  This way the general audience sees that ag education is not a one size fits all type.
                  • Make some of your FFA/PAS events open to bring a friend to encourage participation and unity.
                  • Include an appreciation page in the paper or school newsletter for all business/groups that have supported the ag program throughout the year.
                  • Ask former students to come in and work with the ag program during college winter and spring break. 
                  • Instead of a typical formal banquet have an end of the year BBQ or celebration at a local park or fun spot.
                  • Invite other classes/teachers to your room for speakers that might be related or connect content.