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    Marketing Scenario Ideas - 2010 Summer Conference

    Ellen Thompson Top CoP

      These are some sample marketing scenarios and the ideas generated from the Marketing Your Ag Program Workshop at the 2010 Summer Conference.  Please feel free to add your ideas to these.


      1. You need to create an outline for a radio interview with a regional radio station.  The radio station is doing an on air interview of you for the upcoming trip to the National FFA Convention/PAS Conference/Collegiate FFA Convention/FRBM Conference.  In your outline include the main points of what you want to say during the interview.


      Key points; number of students attending locally and nationally, events the students will attend, why the students are attending, what the students will take back to the community , recognition of sponsors that helped to finance the trip, how the students pay for the trip


      Have a predetermined outline for the students to fill out and use during the interview.


      Lisa Hoefs at Waseca has an outline she created for her students.


      2. The local newspaper editor is giving you a one page display in the paper about the Ag Program at your school/college/university.  Design a sample page of what you want to include in the one page ad.


      Picture of FFA/PAS students and students in ag classes

      List of classes taught

      Business Partnerships

      List of accomplishments



      Graduates of the program who have gone on to be successful in agriculture




      3. You need to develop a story for the school/college newspaper about the landscaping project the Horticulture class is doing.  Make a list of key things you should include in this story to help you get started.



      Where the project was done?

      Why the project is an important component of the ag curriculum.

      What skills are students using?
      Take a before and after shot of the area

      What the students contributed to the plan

      Quotes from kids and stakeholders

      Include a statement about the overall ag program as well


      4. You have decided to start an Ag Department website.  Make a list of the different areas you want to include on the website as well as what the front page will look like.  How will you delegate the management of the website?  


      School Name and Ag Department Streaming Across The Top


      Course Description


      FFA Calendar

      Meeting Minutes and Agendas

      SAE Record Book

      General Information about the FFA Chapter

      FFA Applications/Announcements

      CDE Info




      5. The school board/dean/board of directors has asked you to prepare a presentation about the ag program for the next board meeting.  The board wants to hear about the benefits of the ag education program to the students and the community.  Create an outline of the topics you want to cover during the presentation.



      Highlight Skills and Community Links



      Real Life Experiences/Lessons


      Science-Econ-Art Credit/Articulation Agreements/College in the Schools





      Financial Benefits (awards, scholarships)

      Community Service




      6. The ag department has been given a display area inside the front entrance of the school/college.  Everyone who enters the school will see this area.  What do you want to include in the area and how will you design it?


      Pictures to promote the wide variety of students who enroll in the ag program; have pictures of students from the different groups within your building to show the broad range of interest, ability, and gender/ethnic.


      Display positive activities and community involvement


      Colorful and Fun graphics and photos


      Signage/Logos of the program and supporters


      Basic Program Information


      Calendar of Events


      DVD Slide Show of projects (buy a picture display screen and upload photos for constant streaming or purchase a cheap DVD player and hook it up to an old computer monitor and load a DVD with pictures for live streaming)

      Student project samples


      Highlight a student of the week/month