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    NQPS Plan?

    Jessy Reuterdahl Mentor

      I am working on putting my Ag Program on an evaluation rotation (1/3 each year). Larry Gossen recommend breaking up Standard 1: Instruction. Has anyone ever done this before and if so how did you split up your standards?


      Thank you

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          Nina Crutchfield Top CoP

          Jessy, the instrument is already broken into 4 parts so it makes it really easy to chunk it up so you don't get so overwhelmed. I'm assuming you've already completed the entire tool and decided instruction is the indicator you plan to focus your attention. When you build your growth plan, you can decide which standard and which quality indicators you want to work on for the coming year.


          If you haven't completed the instrument, I've attached screenshots to get you there.

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            Jessy Reuterdahl Mentor

            I actually just started and it is pretty user friendly. I haven't quite figured out all of the features but I am just working my way through it. Thank you for the response, I hope more programs take advantage of this great tool National FFA has provided. It is already creating some good discussions with my administrator.