• Need Project Help with Wildlife Class

    I have a wildlife science class with two students in it. They have both already taken this class and complain about doing the same stuff as last year, but I am a new teacher and I wasn't here last year to know what th...
    Mallory Burton
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  • Struggling with Wildlife

    I am teaching a wildlife course for the first time and am REALLY struggling to find activities, lessons, etc that kids are interested in. Does anyone have any fun activities to get the kids up and moving rather than l...
    Amy Grantz
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  • Wildlife Science Course

    Hello, all!   I teach in Mansfield, TX, just south of the DFW metroplex. We have a wide variety of kiddos, from the standard farm kids to the all out city folks. This being the case, I get a LOT of variety in my Wild...
    Honey Key
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  • Wildlife Postcard Exchange

    I saw this activity on a post from 2013 and I wanted to try it with my class. This is a copy of the assignment I gave my students: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14RFn_5vCUXKjX8dU226AAHyKD1J7xgl1HRbLyiZfv1I/edit?...
    Brianna Bernhardt
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  • Dirty Jobs - Fish Squeezer Worksheet.docx

    Dirty Jobs -- Fish Squeezer. Mike Rowe is going through the collection of Walleye eggs in New Mexico. The video segment lasts ~20 minutes or so Dirty Jobs 801 Fish Squeezer - YouTube
    Jessy Reuterdahl
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  • Taxidermy in Class - Need your input please!!!

    We have 5 boys in an independent study taxidermy class this semester.  I set up the course as a "Research in Agriculture - 18206" competency profile.  They've worked hard and had a great time skinning and preserving a...
    Shawn Turner
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  • Wildlife Syllabus?

    I am teaching for the first time this year a wildlife class... I was wondering if anyone had a sample syllabus of what they teach and how they set it up and if they would be willing to share? Thanks!
    Amy Grantz
    created by Amy Grantz