• Ch. 8 Discussion Questions

    Chapter 8 of Make Learning Magical is less about technique and more about our recurring theme of reflection. Tisha shares her own stories of impact, and challenges us to think from two angles - how can we have an impa...
    Sarah Warren
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  • Chapter 8 Lacross Legacy

    In 9th grade I met my agriculture teacher Anne Willard, when I struggled she was always willing to help me. I found it took a lot for me to learn new content and to retain what I studied. Anne never took that I "can't...
    Pebbles Lacross
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  • Chapter 8 Legacy Nan Hamilton.docx

    Nan Hamilton
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  • Witte Legacy

    One person who left a lasting impact on me is my high school ag teacher, Mr. Mowinkel. He always encouraged me to do my best, would have life chats and just was a positive influence in my life. I show him what it has ...
    Kristin Witte
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  • Chapter 8.docx

  • Markhardt - Legacy, Ch. 8

    While the list is long, I’d like to give nods to my past agriscience colleagues, Lisa Konkel & Jeanne Case, for their impact to me.  Lisa, Jeanne, & I all taught agriscience & biology classes at Big Foot High School...
    Zach Markhardt
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  • Legacy Wall Reflection.docx

    Sarah Krum
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  • Knowlton Chapter 8 – Legacy.docx

    Bethany Knowlton
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  • Srp Chapter 8

    Usually the bulletin board at the front of my room is where I have extra copies of missing work.  There is a column with a folder of each day of the week for EACH course.  At the end of the week, the work is then put ...
    Samantha Srp
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  • Legacy - JPfeiffer

    One of the people who has had an incredible impact on my classroom is a science teacher who I met because she was the facilitator for the National Agriscience Teacher Ambassador Academy workshop in which I was a parti...
    JoAnn Pfeiffer
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  • Virtual Book Club- Ch.8 Activity, Legacy .docx

    I shared this google document with my ag teacher as I often send her my lesson plans, papers, etc. to her so she can proofread and give me ideas to improve them. 
    Kristina Bliley
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  • J.Shafer - Chapter 8 Legacy

    There are many people who have left a real impact on my life some good some not so good, such is life. One thing's for sure as I reflect on where I am as a teacher there are several from my own past who quickly come t...
    Jessie Shafer
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  • Legacy project

    Legacy project 
    Taryn Romanczak
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  • Legacy Project.docx

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  • Ch 8 Legacy.docx

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  • The person I admire the most- Jessica Howle

    Jessica Howle
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  • Ch. 8 Activity

    Let’s step away from all of the marvelous lesson plans we have been fine-tuning and get a little creative this week! Tisha brought true tears to my eyes as she recounts all the ways in which she has found meaning in h...
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  • Lloyd Ch. 8 Activity.docx

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