• Making It- Edited

    Editing with ideas for Authentic Audience.
    Whitney Landman
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  • By land or by sea - authentic audience

    To gamify this unit I have decided to have students earn a section of a larger map as they complete the stations and activities that I have created. This map outlines where foods come from as we discuss it in class. T...
    Pebbles Lacross
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  • Ch 7 Reflection Questions

    Reflection was stressed greatly in this chapter of Make Learning Magical. Kolb's Learning Cycle, a popular educational theory, includes four cyclical steps that seem to mirror Tisha's ideas:        Being able to pr...
    Sarah Warren
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  • J.Shafer What is Plant Science and What is it's impact on me ? 
Unit Plan

    Within all of my classes I believe in bringing in area “experts” to work with the students. I have found that this allows for more real world learning to take place much like the author talked about in chapter 7...
    Jessie Shafer
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  • Chapter 7 questions Nan Hamilton.docx

    Nan Hamilton
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  • Chapter 7 revision Hamilton N .docx

    Nan Hamilton
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  • Witte Authentic Audience

    Lesson- Need for marketing/importance of knowing what your target audience does   Whom could you invite into the classroom as part of an authentic audience for your students? Local shrimp farm business owner who gro...
    Kristin Witte
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  • Shop Safety Gamification Authentic Audience.docx

  • Floral Game Outline Units.docx

    Sarah Krum
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  • Authentic Audience JPfeiffer

    Lesson:  World Hunger My middle schoolers learn about world hunger and why there are people in the world that don’t have enough food.   I start with an activity where they brainstorm what items they would need to surv...
    JoAnn Pfeiffer
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  • Markhardt - Authentic Audience, Ch. 7

    Whom could you invite into the classroom as part of an authentic audience for your students? First, anybody else acknowledge how scary it is to bring community members into your classroom?  Don’t confuse this with me ...
    Zach Markhardt
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  • Chapter 7 Reflection - DeShazo

    Becky DeShazo
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  • Authentic Audience - DeShazo

    Becky DeShazo
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  • Safety Lesson.docx

    Nicole Phillips
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  • Virtual Book Club Ch. 7- Authentic Audience.docx

    My revisions are throughout and indicated by italicized spots saying Authentic Audience, Reflection, Competition Outside of the Classroom. Not all of my lesson plans throughout the unit plan have authentic audience, e...
    Kristina Bliley
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  • Small Gas Engines Safety Unit - Hoy

    This is may original proposed unit, now revised for authentic audience, gamification and additional reflections.
    Tiffany Hoy
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  • What is FFA?- Lesson Plan

    Jessica Howle
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  • Authentic Audience-Srp

    1) Whom could you invite into the classroom as part of an authentic audience for your students?   Being that im looking at Ag Business and live in a small town, I might try to bring in local business people to talk a...
    Samantha Srp
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  • Chapter 7

    Chapter 7 attachment 
    Taryn Romanczak
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  • Knowlton's Revised Creativity, Collaboration, and Curiosity.docx

    I have added to this document several opportunities for students to interact with local florists, both in formal and informal situations.  I have also added the key piece of floral design- reflection on the designs yo...
    Bethany Knowlton
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